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Focuspoint OÜ

Eos Training Baltics

15.04.2019 – 18.04.2019
Eos / Gio / Ion Training - Basics
The lighting control consoles Eos, Gio and Ion from ETC are easy to use and offer complete control for lighting systems with conventional and moving lights. In this course you will learn the basic operation of the Eos console family. Training is hands-on with real consoles, not offline software.

Part 1: Eos / Gio / Ion Overview
Get an overview of the parts of the consoles including the main functions and system navigation. You will learn the first steps of how to patch and control conventional and moving lights.

Part 2: Palettes, Groups, Submasters
In the second part of the training you will learn about palettes, groups and cues. Submasters and effects will also be covered.

Eos / Gio / Ion Training - Advanced
Advanced Course: Complex topics
Prerequisites include previous attendance in the Eos basics course or practical experience on the consoles.

In this course you will learn advanced tips and tricks for moving light programming, basics of working with multiple cue lists, multiuser operation with partitions and much more. Other topics can be covered on request.
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